Toney Antonelli is a film maker/animator with over 20 years experience in production and digital media. His production scope encompasses all aspects of CGI development for Game production, Broadcast and SPFX with an emphasis on design, lighting, post compositing and production pipeline management. From scriptwriting, sales, production design and post production, Toney develops full turnkey solutions for Entertainment, Casino Gaming and Mobile Game development.
Toney Antonelli Produced and Directed "Enter Darkness", a feature length production that displayed his talents at film noir styling and composition, based on concept art and storyboards that depict his early love for pulp fiction and comic art sub-culture. The mood of the picture was derived from his pen and ink concept designs and haunting surf and turf melodies recorded in his home studio.
"I think it's important to establish a mood to a film, or any project for that matter. That mood comes from the execution of visual and audible assets that combine to create the environment that the characters move around in. I like to develop these things as I work to hammer out a screenplay. I find that this mood can dramatically effect the way characters react to each other and the environment around them. It has a direct effect on the dialog as well. I guess I would have to say that I enjoy the way all these things are inter-dependant on the other. This way, I'm not only making a game or a picture, I'm creating another realm in the same way a sculpture mold the clay. It's as much about the process of creation as the initial driving concept setting the stage for this creative process." ~ Toney Antonelli
- 3D Modeling and Animation
- Complex Compositing
- Production and Game development Documents
- 3rd party Developer Contracts
- Concepts and Storyboards
- Creative and Programming Management
2010 - EMMY AWARD for Animation Design
2009 - TELLY AWARD for Art Direction (ONR)
2009 - TELLY AWARD for Animation (ONR)
2009 - TELLY AWARD for Animation (Movie Club)
2007 - EMMY Nomination (Personal Achievement)
2007 - EMMY Nomination for Animation
1995 - TELLY AWARD for Animation

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